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I just read your second vampire marco fic (which is amaaazing btw) and "crazy random happenstance"? Dr. Horrible??


It was a little harder when that too-short summer ended, and I stopped working nights in the lab and on the boats and went back to school.  We did our damndest though…I taught a (shudder) 7:30 am lab three days a week and had class at 8 on Tuesday, so Thursday became our Sacred Day for breakfast (for me) or dinner (for him. And no, dinner was almost never me.  As often as I reminded him that I trusted him, that it was okay, the contents of my veins remained heatstroke medication.)   

“’Ey,” I mumbled, one of those early Thursday mornings, scrolling through my email as I waited for the coffee to kick in. “They’re playing The Hobbit out on the lawn on campus tomorrow night…wanna go?”

He looked up at me in surprise, caught in the act of trying to dislodge something or other caught on his fangs.

“Y’mean…go…together? Mmph…” He swallowed hurridly.  “Like a date?” His eyes were huge behind his glasses, and he’d kind of shrunk down inside his jacket.  “Uth?”

I was still to sleepy to process the source of his shock.  “Yeah, sure.” I scraped a hand through my hair (it was getting ridiculous…I needed a haircut), failing to stifle a yawn. “Wh-wh-whyyy –sorry—not?”

“Us?  I mean…out…in public?” he leaned back, hunching his shoulders.  “Won’t people…you know…”

He sounded nervous, and I finally realized why.  “Marco…” I reached across the table and caught his hands in mind, lacing my fingers through his to stop his nervous, frightened fidgeting.  “You gotta see more of the modern world, man.  I know the fifties weren’t much fun that way…” he snorted softly, not meeting my eyes, and I scooted my chair around the table ‘til I could lean over and kiss his cheek.  “But it’s different now, I promise.  It is 2015 and Neil Patrick Harris is king.”

“Who’th Neil Patrick Harris?”

“I believe I could be convinthed to watch something with him in it,” Marco said thoughtfully, five minutes and a google image search later.  “Especially with his shirt off…why’s he got goggles in all these?”

“He has a ph.D.—“ I grabbed Marco’s glasses off his face and shoved them up into my hair, leaving it sticking up off the top of my head in a crazy fluffy thicket.  “In horribleness.”

“I can’t see a dang thing you’re doing but I will atthume it’s cute,” Marco said, reaching for his glasses.  “He looks a lot like you.” 

That comparison had me walking on air for the rest of the day, until I returned to Marco’s door at about 9 pm with my laptop, a copy of Doctor Horrible, and a stack of lab reports due back to the little baby biologists in my mammalogy lab the next day. 

“You said you could be ‘convinthed!’” I protested when he rolled his eyes at the DvD.  “Come on, I know you’re ahead of your commissions this week and I need snuggles to keep me sane because I’m about to pull an all-nighter grading. “


“You cannot resist me.”

“Oh Godth, I know.”

Marco’s always cold when he first wakes up, freaking lizard that he is, so while I set up my laptop on the foot of his bed he disappeared back into a cocoon of quilts, preserving what little body heat he had.

“Hm?” he hummed, extending a flap of blanket invitingly. 

“Ugh, sorry, I have to stay out here to grade…let me get though…lets say eight of these things…” Marco pouted at me. 

I came damn close to actually being good and resisting the lure of Marco snuggles, working my way through the stack of reports.  My undergrads were gradually starting to suck less, and at least not committing plagiarism on a regular basis…and Marco was snickering next to me.


“Jean, are you aware like half your vocabulary comes from this movie?”


“You quote it all the time! ‘Crazy random happenstance’, ‘cheesy on the outside…’”

“I do not…

“At least now I know why when something is horrible you just need to rule it…” he chortled, and I shoved him and his stupid cocoon over onto his side. 

Wait, I know this song!” he yelped, trying to flail upright with his blankets tangled around his arms.  I glanced over at the movie I’d only half been watching – it was the start of Penny’s song in the Laundromat, here’s the story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely, and Marco finally managed to squirm upright and hit the pause button.  “I’ve heard you sing it!”

“I uh um no—“

“No it was this song, I’m sure it was this song! You were singing it in the morning after we—“ he broke off and blushed. “After I…after you kissed me.”

Well, shit.  I didn’t know he’d heard that.

Marco hastily rewound the player to the start of the song and sat back on his heels, looking at me expectantly as a puppy waiting for a treat. 

“Aw, c’mon Marco…”

Please, your voice is pretty!”

I mean come on, that is just not fair.  I hadn’t sung where anyone could hear me since middle school, but how the hell do you say no to that?

I set aside my half-finished reports as he hit play again and turned the volume down, and I took a deep breath and sang quietly along with Felicia Day as he snuggled into my side.

Even in the darkness, every color can be found, and every day the rain brings water flowin’ to things growin’ in the ground…”  Marco leaned his head on my shoulder, grinning up at me like I was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.

“So keep your head up, Marco buddy…” I tilted his chin up on the last line and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Why that song?” he asked, after I pulled away, my fingers still resting under his chin.  “Just ‘cause it’s pretty?”

I looked down into his big, open eyes, and sighed.  Give me a thousand years, I don’t think I could ever learn to lie to him.  “It makes me think of you.  Colors in the darkness, y’know, your flowers, making things grow like that even when you can’t see the sun yourself…” We missed most of the rest of the second part as he finally succeeded in dragging me into his blanket nest, twining his arms around my neck and kissing me breathless. 

I reluctantly extricated myself and went back to grading, following along with one ear.  I watched him out of the corner of my eye as the first hints started to hit, that things were going wrong and he wrapped his blankets tighter around himself.  By the time the freeze ray came out only his wide eyes were visible, the rest of him completely cocooned.  I wondered vaguely how he was breathing, or if he needed to breath, or…

No…” Marco squeaked, and I glanced back at the screen.  Yup, last five minutes, Penny bleeding out in the corner.  He was still completely wrapped up, except for the arm he managed to free to point at the screen.  “Nope, no no no no no no nope nope nope—“

I laughed.  “I told  you you needed to see it to believe oof—“

Marco slammed into me hard enough to knock the wind out of my lungs, arms wrapping tight around my waist as he buried his face in my chest and Billy slowly stood up with Penny’s limp body in his arms.

“Are you crying? Aww, Marco…”

He just tightened his grip, the cool tears on his cheeks soaking through my thin shirt and I put my arms around his shoulders, rubbing his back.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t think—“

“S’okay,” he sniffled. “Don’ worry about it, it’s just…” he took a deep, shaky breath before pressing his face back into my neck. 

He lookth like you…”

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{ a song of grass and trees and clouds }

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FINALLY! Half clothed sex is hot! So I just had to draw jeanmarco ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) Bottom Jean this time. Because I am sure Marco would be a hell of a top. (with and without gear on jean because i can)


This is it I promise you guys orz also with a little bit of Jean and self-conscious Marco because of this comic SERIOUSLY monster bfs by lemonorangelime andavoidingavoidance I should probably put this again